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This journal is devoted to my stories, my cats, my photos and fun stuff I find around the net.

I am English and enjoy writing LOTR fanfiction.My favourite characters are Aragorn and Faramir. I have also become increasingly fond of Arwen and Eomer.

I also enjoy reading stories about my favourite characters as long as they remain true to Tolkien's world.I dislike slash and smut and avoid it.I believe in traditional moral values and am pro life. I try to reflect my values in my stories.

I also love cats and am owned by four ginger boys.

I enjoy listening to opera or watching classic crime dramas on TV when I am not writing.I also love the countryside and coast and attending events at my local church.

I have also written original works.

Stories, background information and news about my stories are public access while more personal stuff such as photos I keep friend locked.

I usually friend back when friended if the LJ contains interesting material or I know the person.I have traditional views and do not friend journals full of smut, foul language, racism or those that fail to respect the major religious faiths. I occasionally prune my list if I find I've no time to read posts.

Apart from stories this journal is friend locked to avoid spam. I've set my comments to registered users only. I'm sorry to have to do this but I'm sick of deleting ads for "designer" handbags and dubious medications!

The characters in my stories posted here are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No profit has been,nor will be made.

Readers are welcome to save, copy, or distribute these stories in any form they wish, just as long as I am credited as the author. The same applies to my photos as long as no people are depicted.

Also if anyone ever wants to borrow an OC or a plot idea from my sub-universe, just ask. I would agree unless the intended story was a perversion of the original.

I have no intention of ever removing my stories from the Net.I feel once I've published them they are for the readers. If I get tired of writing, the stories will stay.

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