lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Please will you sign and share this petition.

I beg my friends here to sign and share this petition.

"Unfortunately it is set up in Greek but you will find an English translation below the Greek in the article, so you will be able to read what is at stake. This is the most unbelievable slap in the face for everyone who works in animal rescue in Greece and is just about as ignorant and retarded as it comes. I've included a segment of the proposed law here PLEASE READ and then hop over and sign the petition, thank you!

"The new Greek animal welfare law proposal criminalises rescuing, nursing and promoting stray animals for adoptions, while the mass trade of animals is promoted and facilitated.

According to the draft law, the adoption of stray animals both within Greece and abroad becomes almost impossible and a new category of strays, subject to euthanasia without any prior concrete regulation, is introduced.

In addition, the penalties for animal abuse, puppy mills, illegal trade of animals and dog fights are reduced while additional taxes are imposed on pet ownership, which, given the financial crisis in Greece, will lead pet owners to surrender their pets, or even worse, abandon them on the streets..."

Avaaz is a reputable petition site and will not spam you.

Please sign, if this law is passed, it will be a death sentence for cats like Filipos.Thousands of innocent cats and dogs will die.


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