lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Answers to my cat quiz

I'll put them under a cut in case anyone still wants to play.

The winner is superbadgirl who knows a lot about my cats!

1. Harry is my soulmate cat.
2.Reuben and Thomas Leo are half-brothers.
3.Filipos was born in Syros.
4.Harry got stuck up the chimney.
5.Harry and Thomas Leo are my shy cats,
6.Reuben and Filipos are my sociable cats.
7.Filipos likes to climb on my shoulder,
8.Reuben likes to knock things over for fun.
9.Thomas Leo and Filpos like jumping.
10.Harry rarely purrs.
11.Reuben and Filipos are ginger and white.
12. Filipos has a white blaze on his face.

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