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A Drabble Challenge

A Challenge
All fanfic writers out there … how about honouring the International Literacy Day on Sept 8th with an A-Z drabble challenge?

Host a drabble challenge for your favourite fandom on your LiveJournal or blog. Invite your flisters and readers and writer friends to contribute and come up with 26 drabbles from A to Z. And if you’re up to the challenge, the first and the last letter of each drabble has to be the relevant letter.

So the drabble for the letter A has to start and end with an A.

So does anyone feel like writing a LOTR drabble?(no smut or slash please)

Borrowed from junomagic

  • Beholding the Argonath

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  • The Priest King

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  • The Unanswered Question.

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