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Some recomendations

Now the holidays are drawing to a close and the Games are over, here are 3 truly enjoyable and well written stories worth following .
I would happily pay for all of them if they were on sale in weekly installments and I am very hard to please.

Aspects of Aragorn by Inzilbeth

An engrossing retelling of Aragorn's life from a new and talented writer.

On the Wings of the Storm by Lialathuveril
The year before the Ring War, Princess Lothiriel of Dol Amroth is sent to Rohan by her father to seek shelter from the storm brewing in Mordor. There she meets Éomer, Third Marshal of the Riddermark.
Unfortunately they do not hit it first.

Stirrings of Shadow by Fiondil

Aragorn, as Thorongil, journeys to the court of Edoras to take service with Thengel King.

If you enjoy these stories,please leave a comment to encourage the author as even a simple "I enjoyed this" can make a writer's day.

Happy Reading!
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