lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

An LJ friend in need

Some of you may recall ramblin_rosie. I don't tend to do things like this often, but I haven't seen her do much asking, and she is really between a rock and a hard place. I know most of us are, too, and so does she, but she would appreciate anything you can do, whether it's a signal boost post or a small donation of even $3 or $6 or $9. Anything you can do would help. Rosie is a very talented and absolutely brilliant creative person, and I'm sure if you're interested in what all she offers in the way of services, she'd be happy to talk with you...she's still over on LJ.

This is her "buy a coffee" link, but really it's not to buy coffees for herself. It's a cute way to put the fact that she needs help with her January utilities. I know she would appreciate anything you can do, even if you just signal boost by copying and pasting my post.

Thank you, no matter what you can or can't do.

copied from febobe

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