lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The Rescue Of Filipos in the words of his rescuer, Anna.

"I was to the port of Syros because a friend of mine was ready to I cross the road for going to my car ,I heard mieu mieu from the engine of a car.i was with my best friend, who also loves animals!!!!

We stopped and try to find a way to get the kitten out of was a very hot day and I afraid for him because I didn't know how much time was there.we call him, we put food..... but this time they came the people who has the car.they were English and very kind with us.they wanted to help took me 15minutes to catch him....and he bite me because he was very scared....but I was so happy that he was safe at last so I didn't care.he was wild,scared and the end...he was and is ...very lucky!!!!he find you!!!!🤗"


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