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Help request from the owner of the Greek cat rescue "God's Little People"

This wonderful lady's cats need her and she needs her husband. Please help if you can.

Originally posted by med_cat at Help request from the owner of the Greek cat rescue "God's Little People"
The owner, Joan Raschlitz Bowell, is a very nice lady and an accomplished artist; I'd posted about her cats and the greeting cards she sells, with her cat drawings.

She is asking for help with her husband's medical expenses; he urgently needs open-heart surgery.

I have contributed; if you can contribute and/or spread the word, please do!

Details are in the top pinned post on her FB page:

and I will also copy them below, for your convenience.

Many thanks!

Dear friends, I'm posting something of an unusually personal and private nature which by far crosses the border of what I feel comfortable about sharing BUT - the truth is - my family is in urgent need of help!

My husband who is my most trusted and loyal cat supporter has lived with a debilitating fatigue for many years. He's had a string of diagnosis' like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic bronchitis. Recently he's had respiratory problems and was wrongfully treated for pneumonia. Last week when he could barely catch his breath I brought him to the hospital where he was at once admitted and after examination we were informed he was suffering from obstructive heart failure!

After four days in hospital locally he went to a clinic in Athens where's he's now had a long string of tests and examinations and the final diagnosis is that he needs two new heart valves immediately.

We have poured every penny we've owned into the wellbeing of our cats (everyone who knows us can attest to this!) and our personal truth is - we simply don't have the kind of money it will take for him to have the surgery.

We need 12,000 euros for him to be able to have this surgery.

Towards this I have set up a funding page here:…

You can also help towards his medical costs directly via his Paypal: (Richard A Bowell). And PLEASE send it as a gift.

I will update this page and inform you of the total needed.

From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU ALL


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