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More on Filipos - Please help if you can

The lady who runs the charity organising Filipos' adoption posted this on her website today. If anyone can spare a little towards Filipos' vaccinations it would be most gratefully received. No donation is too small and will allow "God's Little People" to do more to help needy cats.

From "God's Little People" today¬if_id=1507751928091212¬if_t=mentions_comment

"Yay!! Another little orphaned kitten from our Greek island has won the kitty lottery!! His name is Filipos and he was rescued out of a car engine (please read the post below from Filipos' new mummy and do watch the little video clip from when he'd just been rescued out of the engine!). He is a lucky little guy because he replaces Fanta's adoption offer (Fanta is a nervous boy and because of the long travel to the UK his adoptive mummy and I agreed it would be better to find a different adoption offer for Fanta) - and with Filipos it was love at first sight! Filipos' rescue and adoption is honestly a logistical labour of love. He was rescued by our vet (who's also helped give him all the necessary jabs, tests etc) and who found him a local foster home with a really sweet woman. The adoption offer came from this page/network and so did the funding for his travel - many of you initially donated towards Fanta and Filipos is now benefiting from this. AND in the U.K. a friend of the kind lady adopting Filipos has kindly offered to take the long drive to pick up Filipos from the courier companys drop off point because Filipos' mummy is unable to do this drive herself.

All the funds that was raised towards Fanta's travel has now been forwarded towards Filipos travelling to the UK with a courier because I promised his mummy that I would do everything I could to help get a little unwanted Syros cat to the UK if she would offer it a safe and loving home. So his travel fund is covered but we're still 150 euros short to cover all his initial vaccinations - 2 regular vaccinations, rabies vaccination, microchip, blood tests and passport. He is in purrfect health and is ready to start his journey home on November 15th. If you wish to contribute towards Filipos new life please use my husbands PayPal: (Richard A Bowell). Thank you and thank you to everyone involved in getting Filipos' to his forever home! "


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