lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Reuben's Scrabble Writing Challenge

It's autumn and a perfect time to sit indoors and play scrabble. Reuben has a special scrabble/lexulous
brain-teasing challenge for you all.

Here are a list of words rarely used in everyday life, but often used in scrabble. Reuben challenges you to write a story using at least 3 of them in order to win his banner.

Here are the words, azo, yeti, quean, qat, ziti, riza, xi, jo, jean, vug, vav, tav, reh, rex, zo, bey, awow, jee, hex. lei, guv,sov.


Reuben will be fascinated to see who can solve this teaser. Remember, you only need to use 3 words though you can use more if you wish.

If the words don't appeal, Reuben's second challenge is to write a story inspired by the banner picture.

Stories can be any length. Please post them on your favourite blog or archive with the banner and a link to this post and feel free to share.

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