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Pimp My Comm - or 'put that camera/phone to use!'

Originally posted by curiouswombat at Pimp My Comm - or 'put that camera/phone to use!'
A few years ago I joined the photo_scavenger community. A few less years ago I took over posting the weekly prompts. But it isn't really my community - it is for anyone with a camera or a phone!

Each week there is a prompt for a picture (or two or three if you want!), sometimes something 'concrete' like Fruit, sometimes something a little more 'abstract' like Cute.

Some people look through their lens throughout the week to spot something new, some people just look through the files they already have, others do a bit of both. We don't mind, really, as long as it is your picture. There is no requirement to post for every prompt, either, although some people do, as a personal challenge.

But the more people posting pictures, and/or commenting, the more interesting it is for everyone.

So - if some of the communities you used to follow are no longer active - why not try something a bit different and come and join photo_scavenger?
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