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A cat fancy

Leo opened his eyes and found he was lying in a flowery meadow. His body felt curiously light and the pain that had blighted his latter years had gone. He felt better than he had ever felt before. He looked around him to tell his Devoted Slave, but there was no sign of her. Strange, for he was sitting on her lap only a moment ago in a room at the vet's. The vet and his Slave's friend had disappeared too.
He got up and took a few steps in the springy grass. Soon he was running around the meadow as if he were a kitten.

“Where am I?” he asked aloud.

A kindly Voice that seemed to come from behind a cloud answered. “Welcome home, Leo, loyal and faithful companion. Your mother and sister and best friend, Ginger, are waiting for you.”

Leo leapt up in the air after a butterfly. Then he asked,”Where is my Devoted Slave?”

“You don't need a slave here, “ the Voice answered. “Everything you wish for is provided. You only have to want it.

Leo wished for tuna and could immediately taste the most delicious fish. It reminded him of when his Slave had given him the treat. ”She will be lonely without me.” Leo fretted.

“Her Mother is waiting to thank you for looking after her,” said the Voice. “She is still in the other world though. She understands why you had to leave her.”

“I didn't want to,” said Leo.

“You could always go back to her if you want,” said the Voice.

“But how can I for my body in that world is old and worn out,” Leo said sadly.

A gentle invisible hand soothed the sorrowing cat. “Did I not tell you anything is possible here? You can have a new body if you wish or you can stay here where these is no pain or sorrow forever.”

“I should like to go back. How shall I find my Slave, though and will she recognise me?”

“She will. She will be shown the way.”

From far away in the distance, Leo heard his Slave's voice saying, “I shall look for a kitten born near Leo's birthday. It will be a special kitten.”

“I have told her what she must do to find you,” said the Voice. “Now come and see everyone who is waiting for you.”


Leo spent a wonderful few weeks with his mother and sister and Ginger. His sister was much nice than when he had known her before and didn't growl at him. He sat on his Slave's mother's lap when he was tired of playing and she told him how glad she was he had loved his slave so much. "I am so glad you are going back to take care of her," she said. "I wanted to go back too but people take too long to grow up to be companions for one another."

One day, Leo fell asleep and when he woke he was in somewhere warm and dark. He remembered the place from twenty years before. He knew he must wait patiently until he was ready to be born.

When Leo emerged into the world again he was in a strange house. He had a lovely new mother with ginger fur just like his and two sisters and a brother. There was no sign of his slave though. The new slave he had was always pointing a camera at him then going to her computer.

Four weeks passed and Leo began to despair of getting home. He knew it was Easter as his new slave's grandson had lots of chocolate eggs. Then she brought out a box and put him and his siblings in it. Leo was scared as he feared he was going to the vet again.

When the car stopped outside a house, Leo's heart leapt. It was his slave's home! But how would she recognise him?

The new slave took Leo and his siblings out of the box. How overjoyed he was to see his slave. She put him on her lap and he curled up there as he had done so often over the years and miracle of miracles, she seemed to know him, as did his friend, Reuben.

“I must take the kittens home to their mother now,” said the new slave.
“Just let me hold Thomas Leo for a few more minutes,” said my Devoted Slave. “The next month will seem very long.”

“He will soon be old enough to stay with you for always,” said the new slave.

I purred happily. Soon I would be coming home and I could sleep curled up beside my Devoted Slave and perch on her arm and talk to her just as I'd always done. I was happy and I could see that she was happy too.
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