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Day and Night

B2MeM Prompt and Path: Day and Night. Purple Path

Format: Ficlet

Genre: Family

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Characters: Galadriel, Arwen, Aragorn

Pairings: Aragorn/Arwen

Creator’s Notes (optional): With thanks tooloriel . I reference a conversation in “The Return of the King” between Éomer and Gimli and a remark by Frodo.

Summary: Arwen and Galadriel have a conversation
Back to Middle-earth Month 2017--Night and Day

“Night draws on. Estel should be home soon.”

“Pacing and looking out of the window will not make him come the sooner, child,” said Galadriel. “He has much to discuss with his advisers. Sit beside me here and let us make use of the time we have left together.”

Arwen continued to stare out of the window. “I was thinking of what Gimli and Éomer said at the feast last night that you are the morning and I am the evening.”

“An interesting observation,” said Galadriel. “I think rather that you are the day and I am the night. Soon, I shall sail into the West, while you preside over a new dawn for Men.”

Arwen finally came to sit beside her Grandmother. “I have chosen the Doom of Men, though. Does that not mean that night shall soon enshroud me?”

“We know not whence Men go after they receive the Gift of Ilúvatar,” said Galadriel. “Maybe they experience the dawn rather than the twilight of the Firstborn Children. The sun is setting on the Elves in Middle-earth. Our memory should endure, though, through the children you and Aragorn will have together.”

“I wish you did not have to leave!” Arwen dabbed a tear from her eye.

“I would begin to fade if I remained here, dear one. Without Nenya’s power my strength wanes. It is time for me to return home. I sought adventure in Middle-earth and found it aplenty.”

“You will break many hearts when you leave, Grandmother,” said Arwen. “You know how I shall miss you and what of poor Gimli?”

“You have your husband for consolation, dear one and soon you will hold children in your arms and know a love beyond all words. I can still recall the first time I held your mother. Such a fair infant she was! As for Master Gimli, who knows what his future might bring? Long will he be remembered for healing the rift twixt his folk and mine.”

“I hope Estel will not be jealous at Éomer singing my praises to Gimli.”

Galadriel laughed. “I think not. The good King of Rohan finds you a novelty with your raven hair. It would not surprise me if that young man chose to woo some fair maid of Gondor for his Queen. If his sister can cast her eyes beyond the borders of the Riddermark, why not he too? I would wager he is wed ere I sail. It is fitting too that Faramir of Gondor should desire to wed Éowyn of Rohan. Those two have passed through a long and dark night. Your Estel is bringing day to Gondor.”

“What use then is the Evenstar?”

“When the day is bright, the stars shine brighter in the evening.”

The door opened and Aragorn entered. Arwen immediately went to embrace him.

“I am sorry, beloved,” he said. “My Council and I met with Éomer to discuss sending aid to the Mark in exchange for horses. The meeting went on longer than I expected.”

“We were just discussing the young man,” said Galadriel. “Your wife hopes you will not be jealous that he admires her.”

“I congratulate him on his good taste,” said Aragorn. He smiled at Arwen. “The sun now shines more brightly each day for me and night holds no more terrors.”
Tags: btmem 2017, ficlet

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