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Moonrise by Linda Hoyland

B2MeM Prompt and Path: Full Moon Purple Path
Format: Ficlet
Genre: Romance, spiritual
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Mild sexual content
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Faramir Eowyn, OMC, OFC
Creator’s Notes (optional): Tahir and Adiva are recurrent OCs in my universe.Their religion worships the moon.
Summary:Aragorn and Arwen take a moonlight ride.

Back to Middle-earth Month 2017--Night and Day

The day meal had been served and the sun was setting behind the hills. Faramir and Éowyn had invited the King and Queen together with Tahir, Ambassador from Harad and his wife, Adiva to spend a few days in Ithilien to celebrate the harvest. The three couples were sitting on the veranda enjoying a leisurely glass of wine.

“It is the Harvest Moon tonight,” said Faramir. “It will be beautiful.”

Adiva clapped her hands delightedly. “The Lord of the Moon is united with his lady, esteemed friends, and their benevolent rays bathe the earth and make her fruitful. We are blessed to be here in the moon land to honour our Lord and Lady.”

“It is a beautiful idea that moon is united with his bride at full moon,” said Éowyn. “We believe the sun’s rays make the land fruitful, though.”

“Maybe that is what the Wise say,” said Tahir. “In our desert homeland, though, the sun is our enemy. He beats down upon our heads as cruel and merciless as any enemy. It is said that in the beginning the sun tried to destroy the earth by burning it with fire day and night. The grass withered and died while man and beast grew weak with thirst. All that lived would have been destroyed had the Lord of the Moon not helped us by driving the sun from the sky for part of each day.”

“I have travelled in the desert,” said Aragorn. “Moonrise is indeed a time of rejoicing after the heat of the day.”

“The moon’s rays are soft and gentle,” said Adiva. “The light does not scorch us, but lights our way through the night.”

“The Lord and Lady are rising, fair blossom,” said Tahir, turning his gaze towards the East. He rose to his feet and bowed low as did his wife.

“Shall we go riding and take a closer look at the Harvest Moon?” Aragorn suggested.

“I should like that,” said Arwen. “It is a beautiful night,”

Éowyn stifled a yawn. “I think not, as I was up early with one of my mares foaling at dawn this morning,” she said.

“I think I will have an early night too,” said Faramir. “You should go riding, though, if you wish, my friends.”

Tahir and Adiva looked at each other and nodded. “We should like to ride under the Lord and Lady’s rays,” said Tahir.


A little later, the four rode out, discreetly followed by their guards, who had been ordered to keep their distance.

Bathed in a silver glow, the Ithilien countryside looked enchanted. They rode up a hill which the moon almost seemed to be touching. Tahir and Adiva reined in their horses. “We are in the Lord and Lady’s presence here,” said Adiva. “Look how they are tinged with gold tonight, so great is their joy at their union!”

“We will stay here a while and offer our thanks,” said Tahir.

“May you be blessed!” said Aragorn, as with Arwen at his side, he rode away leaving the Ambassador and his wife to their devotions.

The royal couple rounded the hill and made their way towards a glade where they had taken their children for a picnic the previous day. In the sunlight, the glade had been a fair spot, but in the moonlight it appeared truly magical. The brook glimmered like a ribbon of liquid silver while the leaves shimmed white in the pine scented evening air.

The King and Queen dismounted and tethered their horses to a slender birch tree.

Arwen gazed upwards at the stars twinkling like myriad diamonds against the dark blue sky. “I can almost sense Lady Varda’s presence here tonight,” she said.

Aragorn gazed at her beautiful face, glowing in the moonlight. “Lady Varda shines on your beauty and blesses you,” he said.

“I am the Evenstar and the night holds no terrors for me,” said Arwen. She drew her husband close and kissed him.

“I am reminded tonight of Lothlórien when we plighted our troth beneath the stars,” said Aragorn. He returned her kiss.

“Beloved!” Arwen slipped her hands beneath her husband’s shirt delighting in the feel of the firm muscles beneath her fingers. He sighed with pleasure. They kissed again this time more fervently.

“What of the guards?” said Arwen.

“What of them? I left them with Tahir and Adiva. We are alone here, save for the full moon and Tirion tells no tales.”

“Maybe Tahir and Adiva are right and the moon is indeed enjoying his lady’s company tonight?” mused Arwen.

“She cannot be as fair as you, but on a night such as this this even the moon should have a mate!”

Arwen kissed him again.

The moon’s rays bathed the royal couple in purest silver light. In a nearby treetop, a robin sang.

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