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SoA Update

The site may be accessed by going to


Same site, same database, just a slightly different address. You may post stories, reviews etc without worrying about them disappearing. For now, update your links for SoA to one of those addresses. The usual home page ( will stay pointing to a dead IP until we decide what to do or if this new address is our permanent solution. Feel free to let other readers and authors know how to access the site. As many of you know, I have been quite sick and I just don't have the patience or energy to deal with updating search engines and all the other stuff we'd have to do right now. So word of mouth will be needed to let people know how to access the site for now.

Just FYI - the site has been under attack, but they have been 100% UN-successful. They're just annoying the heck out of us.

If you get an error message, let me know. A lot of very tight code to prevent hacking has been added recently that could get you a 'You cannot Pass!' error, and it is possible there might be hard coded pages looking for the www in the address, which will give you a dead page. Send me a private email, please, with a screen shot or all the detail you can provide about what error you received. Screen shots are best, make sure we can see the URL.


ETA: The MEFA links are going to be broken. For now, just whack the www from every story link and it will work fine. I'll update Marta on what our permanent solution is going to be - either we'll have to move the domain and then all the links will work again, or all links will need to have the www deleted.

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