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Faramir week - Final Day


This week marks the anniversary of this letter Tolkien wrote to his son

"A new character has come on the scene (I am sure I did not invent him, I
did not even want him, though I like him, but there he came walking into the
woods of Ithilien): Faramir, the brother of Boromir – and he is holding up
'catastrophe' by a lot of stuff about the history of Gondor and Rohan (with
some very sound reflections no doubt on martial glory and true glory): but if
he goes on much more a lot of him will have to be removed to the appendices —
where already some fascinating material on the hobbit Tobacco industry and
the Languages of the West have gone. "

J.R.R. Tolkien, from a letter to Christopher Tolkien, May 6, 1944

My friend


is recommending favourite Faramir stories this week and as one can never have too many Faramir stories(though Aragorn remains my very favourite character) I thought I'd share a few favourites of my own.

Here is the first

Bare Feet and Beer  by Gwynnyd

Here is the second

Flame of the West by Altariel

Here is the third

Blossoms by The Girl in a Red Jacket

Here is the fourth

Getting Away from it all by Bodkin

Here is the Fifth

Comforting Silence by Radbooks
 And last,but certainly not least

The Falcon and the Star by Raksha

I hope you've enjoyed these stories ,all personal favourites of mine.If you have,please leave comments for the writers. 

I hope fellow Faramir fans will take up Raksha's challenge to try to write something this week about our favourite Steward.

Please now visit  rakshathedemon 's LJ and see what she has recommended today. nal Day

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