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Please help my god-daughter and my best friend. They have worked very hard and have been trying to legalize their presence in the US for several years. They ended up in that country under unfortunate circumstances, but have managed, against all odds, to build a life there. Eli is a self-employeed artist and regular volunteer at the local animal rescue. Sam is a brave young girl and top of her class. She's had to start over too many times in her short life. I don't want her to have to move again.

Eli and Sam's Immigration fund

This fund is to pay the cost of getting the certified physicals, immunizations, and a trip all the way to Memphis to do their interviews. As well as somewhere to stay for the night, it's a five hour drive each way, and the interviews are at 9 & 10 am. They physicals are due before the interviews, and if they miss either of this things, everything they've worked this hard for, will be pointless, and they will be at risk of deportation.

What you can do:

* Donate. Even a few dollars will help.

* Check out Eli's EtsyShop for beautiful watercolour paintings.You can also comission original pet portraits at their Facebook.

* Share this post. Even if you can't donate or afford art (I understand that money is tight everywhere) perhaps someone else can? Fandom can be magic sometimes. I am really, really, really hoping this is one of those times. Please share Eli's shop and GoFundMe wherever you can.

Thank you for reading.

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