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Executions in olden Days

The gruesome method of execution feared by Faramir in "Burden of Guilt" and which Dervorin was sentenced to in "Web of Treason" was an actual method used in Britain between 1241 and 1820.

To read more click below, but be warned, the information is not for the squeamish.

Hanging was the official method of execution in the British Isles until it was abolished in 1964.

Tolkien does state that certain offences are punished by death in Middle-earth.However, he gives us no indication of the method used.

For example

For I am commanded to slay all whom I find in this land without the leave of the Lord of Gondor.


And the King said to Beregond: ‘Beregond, by your sword blood was spilled in the Hallows, where that is forbidden. Also you left your post without leave of Lord or of Captain. For these things, of old, death was the penalty. Now therefore I must pronounce your doom.

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