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Sour Milk

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.No profit has been,nor will be made from this.
Written for the There and Back Advent Challenge. 

For Juno

Warning - very AU and not to be taken seriously.
Inspired by this picture

Sour Milk

The people cheered when the King arrived and the Steward presented the White Rod.

The King disdainfully accepted it, dismissed Faramir and marched through the City; still glaring. Éomer of Rohan’s army followed at his heels, ready to crush any dissent.

The people turned away and returned to their houses.

“Let’s made a nice cup of tea,” suggested one Goodwife, putting on the kettle.

Her husband scowled when he tasted it. “The milk is sour!”

The City was in turmoil. Not a drop of fresh milk was to be had anywhere!

The King’s gaze had turned all the milk sour!

A/N I was studying the final picture for the There and Back Advent
Calender and IM chatting
juno_magic. I remarked that Aragorn's
expression was fit to turn the milk sour.
She challenged me to write a drabble on that theme.
This is the result,which I'm sharing as a holiday time joke.
Naturally I don't see Aragorn as anything like this ! 

Tags: advent, drabbles, fun

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