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Sons of the Sea Kings

Sons of the Sea Kings

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.No profit has been,nor will be made from this.
Written for the There and Back advent Challenge

“Why are our people called the Sea Kings, ada?” Eldarion enquired as he walked along the shore at Dol Amroth with his father.

“Our longfathers came to Middle- earth from far across the western seas,” Aragorn explained. “Though even before Númenor was founded, Eärendil built a ship and sailed the oceans. The great Lord of the Waters, Ulmo himself had arisen out of the waves and appeared to Eärendil’s sire, Tuor with wise counsel and warned him that the great city of Gondolin would fall. Tuor went there and wed the King’s daughter, Idril with whom he escaped after the City fell. Afterwards he longed for the sea. One day he built a ship and sailed away with his wife. It is said they reached the Blessed Realm and Ulmo allowed them to remain there for always.

That sounds boring!” exclaimed Eldarion. ”I’d rather sail a ship or play in the sea! Can we go swimming, ada? Look at those big waves! Maybe we will see Lord Ulmo like Tuor did?”

Aragorn laughed. There was no doubt his son was a true scion of the Sea Kings.

In Valinor, Ulmo smiled at this latest son of the line of Tuor. 
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