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April Teitho Contest

Raiment is our theme for the rainy month of April. Thanks to Wynja2007 for the suggestion!
Nobody walks around Middle-earth naked (even Gollum wears some sort of loin-cloth in the sake of decency), and so this month we would like to look closer at what the characters are wearing. Clothes make the man, it is said. In our case, they can also make an ELf, Dwarf or Hobbit. They can be a symbol of social status, or belonging to a certain culture. They can also be practical and suitable for various conditions - because social status won't protect you from a blizzard. In extreme circumstances, such clothes can be the difference between life and death, and this is valid also for armour.

As Wynja said in her suggestion, raiment can include any item of clothing; perhaps a piece of uniform, or a lost shoe... we all know what that did for Cinderella, but thinking in terms of Teitho, what went through the minds of the Company when the Mouth of Sauron held up Frodo's mithril coat? How would any of them fared without the mysterious aid of the cloaks of the Galadhrim?

You can also tackle the theme of missing clothing, and its embarrassing consequences. Did it get stolen or eaten by a goat? Time to find some fig leaves! But the question of nudity in different cultures can also be a serious one. So put on your writing (or drawing) cap, and show us what Tolkien's characters are wearing (or not)!

The deadline for this challenge is April 25th, but can be extended until the end of the month. If you need an extension to finish your story or picture, just write to the email below!

For writers: send your stories to The contest is anonymous and the story can't be posted publicly until the results of the challenge are announced. Aragorn or Legolas don't have to be main characters, but at least one of them must be mentioned in the story.

For artists: Submit your picture into the Teitho gallery folder of Arda-Inspired at deviantArt. The picture should be new, drawn specifically for the challenge. State that you are submitting it to the contest in the artist's comments.
Happy writing and drawing!

Your Teitho-moderator,
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