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Son of the Stars

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.

Written for the "There and Back" Advent challenge. 

Son of the Stars

“Ada, I don’t like being on my own in the dark,” whimpered Eldarion.

Aragorn scooped up his son in his arms and took him over to the window. The little boy was now considered too old to share a room with his nanny and was finding it difficult to sleep. “Look out at the stars, ion nîn,” said the King. ”You are never alone at night with them to watch over you.”

The child’s interest was caught as he studied the countless twinkling lights. “Why is that star brighter than the others?” he asked pointing towards the Western horizon.

“That is Eärendil your grandsire, sailing his boat across the night sky,” Aragorn told his son.

“How did he get up there?” the little boy sounded puzzled.

“When the first Dark Lord assailed Middle- earth, Eärendil sailed the Sundering Seas to seek help from the Valar,” said Aragorn.

“Why does he shine so brightly?” Eldarion asked.

“He wears a great jewel upon his brow,” said Aragorn.

“Like you wear the Star of Elendil, ada?”

“Yes, only this is a far bigger and brighter jewel. Within it, is the very light that once radiated from the Two Trees ,which gave Arda light ere the sun and the moon were created. Such a fair jewel caused much strife with many desiring it. Beren, our forefather, took it from Morgoth’s crown and eventually it passed to the keeping of Elwing, who rather than surrender it,cast herself into the sea. The Valar took pity upon her and changed her into a great white bird. She flew to join her husband and gave him the jewel, as a light to steer his ship by.

Eldarion thoughtfully sucked his thumb, trying to take in such an amazing story.”It must be a very special jewel indeed then,” he said.

“It certainly is, ion nîn, for unlike my jewels, the Star of Eärendil shines for everyone and guides us safely through the darkness. Many a time, did it guide me home when I wandered alone in the Northern Wilds.”

“I won’t be scared of the dark again,ada,” said Eldarion, starting to sound sleepy. Aragorn carried him back to his bed and tucked him in, kissing him tenderly on the brow.

Aragorn looked up again at the star then at his sleeping son. ‘Twas wonderous indeed; this child born of his and Arwen’s love,was a true son of the stars.

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