lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Important News about N&N

Rhapsody and I, Linda Hoyland, have taken over the everyday running of N&N. Michelle kindly continues to pay for the site hosting.

We both care very much about this archive and are anxious to see it flourish and thrive. For that to happen, we need you to post your gen fic stories featuring Aragorn and/or Legolas.

We wish to maintain the archive in the same spirit, which readers and writers know and love, but we are making some minor changes. Any story eligible for Teitho will also be eligible for N&N, so although Aragorn and Legolas must feature in the story somewhere, they do not have to been main characters, so a story about say, Arathorn and Gilraen’s courtship, or how the people of Gondor react to Legolas’ Eleven colony would be welcome.
We would especially love to see all the Teitho stories posted on N&N.

"The stories no longer have to be angst, so humour, friendship, and mild het romance are very welcome. We also welcome more stories featuring Aragorn and/of Legolas with Hobbits, other Tolkien Characters like Faramir, the Fellowship and original characters since their fates would be entwined in Tolkien's legendarium.

We would love the archive to become the best collection of Aragorn and Legolas stories on the Internet and we could not achieve that without you!

We are happy to help with uploading stories if anyone has problems and are here to answer any questions and do our best to solve any problems.

At present, it is easiest do contact me via this post.

Please feel free to copy and share this post.

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