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The Shadow

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.

Written for the 'There and Back Advent' Challenge 

With grateful thanks to Raksha

My shadow haunts me still; in dreams, in the looking- glass. 

I loathed him, yet I loved him too. For were we not akin? He understood the Ring's power, its consuming grasp, like no other. 

My friends say they understand, but they are mistaken. Even Sam. Especially Sam. His honest, kindly soul could never comprehend what bound me to Sméagol and binds me still.

 Did I lose my finger or my shadow on the mountain?

 All unwilling, he destroyed the Ring when I could not. Can a shadow cross the Sundering Sea? 

I hope not, or my journey is  vain.  

Accepted at HASA Jan 18th 2008
Tags: advent, drabbles

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