lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Halloween Reading

If you haven't read this wonderful story by Rhymer, tonight would be the perfect night!

I hope to post a new story later tonight, but if you missed them, these are stories I wrote for previous Halloweens.

A Magic Deeper Still
When Aragorn and Faramir visit Harad they find that magic flourishes there.

The Dark Tower by Linda Hoyland - Many Paths to Tread
Aragorn and Faramir explore a forbidding tower, which is said to be haunted

Where no Birds Sing - Stories of Arda - Lord of the Rings ...
When Roheryn goes lame, Aragorn and Faramir are stranded in a storm and forced to seek shelter.

The Spirit of Gondor -
A ghost story, followed by an embarassing predicament has unexpected consequences for Faramir and his family and Aragorn.

The Shadow of the Past
The dead have no power over the living, or do they?
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