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Signal Boost: Kitty Donation Drive: Air for Alfie / Luft für Alfie Kater

Originally posted by oloriel at Signal Boost: Kitty Donation Drive: Air for Alfie / Luft für Alfie Kater
Speaking of kittens, there was something I've meant to share but kept forgetting! Here we finally go:

Originally posted by joyful_molly at Kitty Donation Drive: Air for Alfie / Luft für Alfie Kater
Alfie-Cat needs your help!

"AIR FOR ALFIE" (English)


Ever since Alfie has moved into my home and heart, he's been a regular visitor at the vets. Regular readers of my DW/LJ will know his story, but here's a summary for everybody else:

Alfie's suffering from a chronical rhinopharyngitis. When the previous stray moved in with us, his nose was so blocked that he could hardly breathe. After complex surgery on his teeth (most teeth had rotted away, there were adhesions) he's much better now, but better is not the same as good, and that's exactly what we want for Alfie: that he can breath the good air again without problems.

The last obstacle on his way to a full recovery is one or multiple nasal polyps. While we can mange his sniffles, the slightest hint of a cold or a drop in temperatures, and his nose is completely blocked. That's extremely stressful for him and uncomfortable, because he can't breathe the way he should. He's such an active little fellow and loves to run and chase and gallop around the place, and it's obvious his blocked nose is annoying him very much (and he's snorring like woah!) The meds he has to take twice daily will shorten his life, and he absolutely hates them, finding new tricks to avoid taking them every time. He does enjoy his daily inhalation with sage infusion, though, quite unlike the multiple times we have to wipe his nose every day.

Our vet strongly adviced us to get a CT of Alfie's head done and, if possible, to have surgery to remove the nasal polyp(s). However, we will have to go to a veterinary clinic for this, and while our vets are so kind to give us an "Animal Sanctuary" reduction (as all our cats have special needs) and allow us to pay off bills in installments, the same is not the case for veterinary clinics. There are no reductions, and payment has to be done in cash. In Alfie's case, the amount in question would be about CHF 1'500 (EUR 1'200), plus the additional costs of surgery if the polyps should prove being removable.

Alfie's six years old, and he has a good chance to live for another 15. He's already generated vet bills of several thousand Swiss Francs, which we have paid for ourselves. The now necessary examinations and surgery, however, are beyond our financial means.

So here's our plea to you, dear friends, families and fellow animal friends: please donate so Alfie can wreck our home and chase his fellow cats without having to gasp for air our sounding like a clogged rain drain. (Which will allow me to sleep at night, which is an unimportant, but lovely extra...)

Thank you so much for your support.

Donations are collected through, so everything is 100% secure and transparent. You can follow the news through our page there.

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