lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

My cats

I did mean to use this LJ purely for my stories, but seeing the lovely cat photos my friends share has tempted me to share my own.

So in the next few posts,posted from Photobucket, are my cats,Queenie ,(who is mother to Josephine and Leo) and Ginger.

Queenie thinks of nothing but food and is affectonate and fussy, Josephine dislikes other cats,especially her brother, Leo is my special cat,who seems to know what I'm thinking and sleeps on my bed,while Ginger is very shy with visitors.He loves my lap and giving me Eskimo kisses.

I also have a visiting grey cat, Elessar,who is not very photogenic,but very loveable.

Hope you enjoy seeing my feline family.
Tags: personal

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