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All that Remains

Title: All that Remains

Author Name: Linda Hoyland

Prompt: Tolkien's stories frequently feature cities, dynasties, or entire groups of people who rise and then fall in importance. Write or create art about a place or group that is no longer important.

Summary: Galadriel reflects on the passing of the ages.

Rating: PG

Beta: none

Author's Notes: 500 word FLF

Galadriel walked slowly past the Mallorns for the last time. The trees were fairer still in the Blessed Realm, but she would miss the kingdom that she and Celeborn had so lovingly created together.

She knew full well that she ought never to have left the Utmost West, but in her youth, her heart had yearned for adventure and glory. She could not regret her time here, though.

Now the One Ring was no more, Nenya’s power had faded. Galadriel felt weary of heart. Her great strength faded, together with the enchantment of her realm. The sea longing now tormented her night and day. It was time to sail. She yearned to hold Celebrian in her arms again, though she dreaded telling her that none of her children had accompanied her on the ship. Together with Elrond, she would have to tell her of Arwen’s choice and that Elladan and Elrohir had not yet decided.

Galadriel wished she could stay a little longer to see how her beloved granddaughter fared in the world of Men. She would have liked to have held one of the babes that would surely be born to her in her arms. She wondered if any of Arwen’s children would reassemble Celebrian with her glorious silver hair.

She was glad that Celeborn had agreed to remain in Middle-earth for a time for Arwen’s sake. Galadriel knew that Aragorn would be the most loving husband to her granddaughter, but Arwen needed some of her own kinsfolk nearby too. There were some things that only they could understand, that not even the most Elvish of Men could comprehend. She would miss him, but it would be worth a brief parting to learn of any children that might be born to Arwen.

Arwen had chosen a strange doom indeed. Sometimes, Galadriel wondered if she had been right to encourage Aragorn to woo her granddaughter, but in her heart, she knew it had to be. No other heart could have loved Arwen so, unless it were her own!

Galadriel sighed deeply. This was now a world of Men, not Elves. Once the glorious elvish kingdoms had filled Middle-earth. Now very little remained of them. Lothlórien would soon be deserted and forgotten. Only Thranduil’s Kingdom, Rivendell, and Legolas’ new colony in Ithilien yet remained. Galadriel could foresee a time when no Elves at all remained in Middle-earth. The glory of her people had diminished and was fast fading.

Throughout her long life, she knew it was ever thus, that kingdoms rose and fell. Her heart was still filled with sadness, though. Then she thought of Arwen, glowing with happiness on her wedding day and an old prophecy came into her mindNever shall that line fail, though the years may lengthen beyond count. She was filled with foresight. Her mind’s eye perceived Aragorn and Arwen’s descendants across years without count.

Yes, The Elves were fading but through Arwen, a trace of Elven magic would forever remain within the world of Men.

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