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Wondrous Fair

Title: Wondrous Fair
Author Name: Linda Hoyland
Prompt: In many parts of the world, autumn brings with it some of the most beautiful scenery of the year, yet that beauty is also touched with sorrow. Write or create art about something that is both beautiful and tragic.
Summary: Faramir realises that he loves Éowyn
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Beta: (optional)
Author's Notes: Double drabble
Disclaimer: The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No profit has been, nor will be made from this story.

She is wondrous fair, surpassing any maiden I have ere beheld. Her hair is like spun gold, her eyes shimmer like twin stars and she moves with lithe grace.

Éowyn! She stirs my heart strangely. I know not why this this should be. Maybe it is because our future is so uncertain. Her beauty is like a flame illuminating the darkness that threatens us all. Maybe her sorrow draws me to her, as I sense something within her that mirrors my own heaviness of heart. We were both wounded, both saved from death by the same hand, and we both mourn.

I know too another sorrow burdens her heart. She loves the Lord Aragorn who loves her not. A tragedy indeed that a maid should offer her love to one who cannot accept it. I would count myself  the most fortunate of men should she turn her affections towards me.

I would comfort her. What joy it would be to see her smile and hear the sound of her laughter.
Éowyn! I was first drawn to ease your sorrow, but now I know that I love you. My heart is now in your keeping. I would make you my wife!

Tags: btme14, drabbles

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