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Title: Happiness

Author Name: Linda Hoyland


Under the high sky by Mirachravaia

Summary: Faramir enjoys time with his children.

Rating: G

Warnings: none

Beta: (optional)

Author's Notes: 500 words FLF

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No profit has been, nor will be made from this story.

Faramir picked up his cloak and whistled to his hounds. He then put his head around the nursery door. “I am going to see how the wheat crop in the top field is coming on,” he said. “Who would like to come with me?”

“Me Ada!” cried Elestelle.

“Me too!” cried Elboron.

“I think your legs are still a little short to walk that far,” said Faramir.

“I can walk lots and lots!” Elboron protested.

“He can that, my lord,” said the nursemaid. “He has had me running round in circles all morning!”

“I shall take him with me then and tire him out,” said Faramir. “I can always carry him if he falls behind.”

“He’s right heavy, my lord,” the nursemaid warned.

“I know,” Faramir replied. He laughed. “I am well accustomed to carrying sword and bow, so I think my strength will suffice to carry one small boy! You should take the opportunity to put your feet up, Haleth, while you can.

“I shall, my lord, thank you.”

With Elestelle clutching his right hand and Elboron his left and the hounds running at his heels, Faramir made his way to the field. He trusted his men to work the land, but took good care to play an active part in farming his estates. A harvest held little satisfaction unless he had helped bring it to fruition. It was only a few days since he had visited the wheat field, but several days had made a considerable difference to the crop as the ears were now heavy and golden.

“Ada, it is so pretty!” cried Elestelle.

“Indeed, dear one, we will have a fine crop this year,” said Faramir. “I will ask cook to show you how we make bread from it.”

“Not the wheat!” said Elestelle. “The daisies.”

Faramir smiled at her affectionately. They were indeed a fair sight.” “Why not gather a bunch to take to Naneth?” he suggested.

“I want to take flowers to Naneth too!” said Elboron.

“Then you must both gather a bunch for her,” said Faramir. “Stay close to the edge of the field as the wheat is easily trampled.”

“Thank you, Ada,” cried the children and scampered away.

Faramir plucked one of the ears of wheat and put a few grains in his mouth. They were hard and crunchy. The crop was ready to harvest. They would begin on the morrow and he would help his men with the reaping. His household would be well supplied with flour during the coming months.

His children’s laughter rang out merrily from across the field. Faramir’s heart suddenly swelled with happiness. Could any man on Middle-earth be more fortunate than he was? These fair children were his and the land on which they played. He could not only protect them, but feed them too. Impulsively, he started to gather a bouquet of the daises too for Éowyn. Butterflies flew around the blossoms like a shower of dancing jewels. Faramir joined in his children’s joyful laugher.


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