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Drabble translation

I saw this on several LJ's

Take a drabble and put it through a translator service and then translate it back.
I translated two of mine to German then back to English with these comical results.

The Lesson

The covered object stood into the centre OF the table. Faramir approached it hesitantly. He which known as A of tamer OF one and beast, but this thing and the MEMORIES it evoked caused even his valiant heart tons quail. Yet, learn ton use it he must, if he were ton prove A worthy steward OF the Realm. "You DO emergency have ton of DO this, my friend," Aragorn said gently. "I must," Faramir replied. "It CAN emergency destroy ME as it did my more father. Sauron is NO more." "I wants teach you how best tons of masters it," Aragorn replied, unveiling the palantír.

Thengling Mighty

Darkness enshrouded him. Deep darkness. He knew emergency for how long. Day followed day, month followed month, and year followed year. The children OF his House tried in vain ton elevator his spirits. The darkness though which more stronger. Wormtongue's words seemed wisdom, lulling him bake tons lethargy when inklings OF awareness dawned. Dark were his days and more darker his disgrace. Then hope duck-talk the resound. The wizard once grey garbed, now gleamed white. Stretching forth his staff, he child LED anew the King's fading Fleming. Darkness dissipated. Théoden rode forth fighting. Never shone his sun more brightly than RK its setting.

You can read the originals at

and translate your own at at
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