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Lost and Found

Title: Lost and Found

Author(s): Linda Hoyland

Rating: G

Fandom: LOTR

Character(s): Aragorn, Gilraen

Summary: Gilraen finds a lost treasure.

Warnings: none

Author's Notes: For Litlover12. As you did not specify a prompt I used one you entered in the prompt contest. Hope you enjoy it.

"Arathorn was noble and brave, a truly great man," Gilraen said wistfully. "Long have I yearned to speak of him. He would have been so proud of you."

"Do you have any of his possessions?" asked Aragorn. "I should like to hold something that was once his."

"I have only a few things that I was able to snatch up when we left our village in haste. That wooden horse that you always liked was your father's."

Aragorn smiled.

"I still have his sword. It should be yours to wield now, my son." Gilraen unlocked an oaken chest beside her bed and lifted out a cloth wrapped bundle, which she handed to her son.

Aragorn took it reverently. "I shall endeavour to always bear this blade with honour," he said. He carefully unwrapped the sword, freeing it from its dusty shroud. As he did so, a gleaming metal object fell to the floor.

Gilraen bent to retrieve it. "Well I never!" she exclaimed. "Your father gave me this brooch when we were wed. It pure mithril. How I cherished it, but I feared it was lost forever. I was not laid eyes on it for almost twenty years!"

"It gladdens my heart your treasure is restored to you, mother," said Aragorn. "My father gave you a precious gift indeed."

"The brooch was but a foretaste of the treasure beyond price that Arathorn later gave me."

"What jewel was that?"

"Why you, of course, Aragorn!" Gilraen smiled lovingly at her son.
Tags: drabbles
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