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As I use the image of a rainbow as a theme in my stories,I thought I would share these photos with you,which were my inspiration.

I saw this rainbow which stretched in a perfect arc on the way I had a suspicion we were being followed so I changed clothes with my Captain and saw he was riding a horse very like Iavas. He and the others acted as a decoy while I made my way to Emyn Arnen. They were never seen again.” He bowed his head for a moment lamenting the loss of all whom he loves. Rated for violence,childbirth and dark themes. Completed Rated PG13/R Shadow and Thought Burden of Guilt by Linda Hoyland After the Ring is destroyed, Aragorn attempts to heal the injured Hobbits but will there be too high a price to pay? My first Tolkien fanfic, recently revised and republished . Rated PG13 Facing the Darkness The Hidden Days of Healing by Linda Hoyland Rebel lords plot to bring about the downfall of the monarchy,leaving Gondor's future in the hands of the King and flung himself in front of Aragorn taking the thrust meant for his heart.

Any animosity he might have felt towards one of his own newborn chicks. Back to Caras Galadon he gladly bore his burden. Around the Windlord flew many birds, shield and sigil to the new-made White Wizard: Falcons, hawks, wedges of winter-roaming geese, and finally, an exultation of trilling larks to trumpet the return of Gandalf the White.The Eagle bowed his head to the Lady, and she thanked him for his strength and speed. “Tell your brothers,” Galadriel said; “That the tide shall yet turn.”A/Nwedge of geese came from the Collective Nouns List found from researching Terms of Venery at of larks came from my own memory of the term being one of the Kings,so I felt justified in creating a granddaughter for Elendil who married an ancestor of Faramir's,especially as Tolkien rarely mentioned daughters in his histories of the kings and Stewards.

  • The church outing on Wednesday

    We went to a local organic farm and were blessed with perfect weather.

  • A few cat photos from my proper camera

    April 23rd was the 10th anniversary of beautiful,sweet Harry coming into my life.

  • Joseph

    Pink nose, Pink toes. Soft fur, Loud purr. Snow-white , Eyes bright. Sweet face, Agile grace. Joyful play, Snooze all day. Ticklish bliss, Whisker…

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