lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Green - Summer in Ithilien Challenge

To Faramir, green had always been a grim reminder of war. It was after all, the shade of the uniforms that he and his fellow Rangers wore to conceal them from the Enemy. The drabness had mirrored the sorrow in his heart as his father declined and Gondor with him. Each day the Dark Lord’s power had increased. Everything had seemed drained of life and colour by Sauron’s evil power.

Now that drabness had vanished. Each colour seemed brighter and more vibrant. The sky was bluer and unclouded by the fumes of Mordor. It was the green though, that caught Faramir’s eye as he rode through Ithilien’s woods one morning.

Every tree was clothed in its finery of fresh summer leaves. The birds flew from tree to tree, twittering joyfully as they build their nests. He too would build his own home soon at Emyn Arnen and nest there with his lady. Green was her favourite colour, the hue of her people’s banners.

Never before in living memory had the fields been so lush and verdant, promising the most abundant harvest in living memory. It seemed the earth itself was rejoicing at Sauron’s defeat and the coming of the King.
Tags: drabbles, summer in ithilien challenge

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