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I'm making the most of the summer with some trips out.

On the way to the seaside,I passed a garage.
Someone had rubbed some letters off a sign and left,


I Wonder if it was a hooligan Tolkien fan or just conincidence?

I was trying to think what it was meant to be,"Garage Door" maybe? I've no idea.

When I was young and went to town with my Mum,some one removed letters on a sign that should have said- "Mind your head when leaving seat2, so all that was left was "EAVING SEA" !

I have not forgotten " A TIme to Reap" and hope to post Chapter 23 in the near future.

I'm currently posting my Alphabet drabbles (polished and revised)on SOA and my personal site with icons for illustration.

Has anyone a couple of icons of Elrond looking sour I could use for "Evil Elrond"? I'm also looking for a nice one of Galadriel.
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