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JULY Teitho Challenge

Teitho: July theme "Dialogue"
Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:46 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Mirach" mirach_ravaia Once in a while, we use to have a different type of challenge in Teitho than a simple theme. In July, we decided to have a form challenge, and the form you should write in is a Dialogue!

Dialogue in fiction is a verbal exchange between two or more characters. It is important for a good story to have well-written dialogues. But we want you to do something more challenging. We want you to write the entire story in dialogue, so that it would consist ONLY of direct speech. There should be no other explaining sentences about what the characters are saying to each other. To achieve that, you need to put everything that's important for the story into their mouth. Imagine we are eavesdropping on them, we can't see them, only hear. You can use this to your adventage as a tool to build tension in the story: we listen and don't know what's going on... why did he scream? What was that unfinished word? Is he saying everything, or keeping something to himself? Get creative with the sounds!

So that's how we would like you to build your story. The topic is up to you this time, you can write about anything you want, as far as Aragorn and/or Legolas are at least mentioned. They can be the speakers of the dialogue, but they can also be just mentioned in it. Now, it seems that the challenge is more for writers, but you can take part in it as an artist as well. Draw a picture, where two or more characters talk! Try to capture their expression and gesticulation, so that even without knowing the topic of the talk, we will be able to guess their mood.

The deadline for this challenge is July 25th. If you need an extension, let us know!

For writers: send your stories to <>. The contest is anonymous and the story can't be posted publicaly until the results of the challenge are announced.

For artists: Submit your picture into the Teitho gallery folder of Arda-Inspired at deviantArt. The picture should be new, drawn specifically for the challenge. State that you are submitting it to the contest in the artist's comments.

Happy writing and drawing!
Your Teitho-moderators,
StarLight and Mirach

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