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The Tale of Lucibella the Fair

Title: The Tale of Lucibella the Fair
Author(s): Linda Hoyland
Rating: PG
Fandom: LOTR
Character(s): Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, OFC
Summary: A beautiful woman comes to Frodo’s rescue
Warnings: Crackfic, Mary Sue, AU
Author's Notes: with apologies to Tolkien who owns Aragorn, the Hobbits and M-e . Written for the “Great Tales” Mary Sue challenge.

The Hobbits screamed as the terrifying Nazgûl advanced towards Frodo. The frightened Hobbit put on the Ring and disappeared. Aragorn snatched up a flaming brand and ran towards the creatures.

“Leave that poor Hobbit alone or it will be the worst for you!” cried a commanding female voice. The Nazgûl ignored it. Then a shining sword flashed in the darkness and the creatures dropped dead at her feet.

Aragorn regarded their rescuer by the light of the torch he carried. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, lovelier even than Arwen. Her long curling hair was an exquisite shade of violet streaked with silver; her skin was paler than ivory and her lips redder and more luscious than sweet cherries. “Who are you?” the Ranger asked, his voice filled with awe.

“My name is Lucibella, daughter of Manwë and Varda,” the beautiful maiden said.

“You are the child of the Valar?”

“I am sent by them to help the Hobbit in the Quest to save Middle-earth from Sauron.”

Aragorn belatedly remembered Frodo. The Hobbit had reappeared and lay groaning on the ground. Aragorn tore his eyes away from Lucibella and knelt beside him. “He is wounded!” he cried. “Wounded by a Morgûl blade!”

“Can you help him, Mister Strider?” Sam asked anxiously.

“I might be able to if I had athelas,” said Aragorn. “I will go and look for some.”

“There is no need,” said Lucibella. “I have plenty. She reached inside the pockets of the flowing gold and silver robe she wore and brought out a handful of leaves. “Stand aside, please,” she said.

As if in a dream, Aragorn and the three other Hobbits moved to one side. Lucibella took Frodo in her arms. She pressed the leaves against his wound and spoke some magical incantations. Even as they watched, the wound disappeared, leaving Frodo’s skin completely unblemished.

Frodo sat up and smiled at the beautiful maiden. “I feel quite better,” he pronounced. “I am ready to continue the journey to Rivendell.”

“There is no need,” said Lucibella. “The Hobbits can go home. I will take the Ring to Mordor and throw it into the cracks of Mount Doom.”

“Thank you, my lady,” said Frodo, immediately handing her the Ring.

“It is perilous journey for a lone maiden!” Aragorn protested.

“I have my trusty sword Silverstrike to protect me,” said Lucibella. “I can fly like the wind there and back on my magical steed, Fairy Hoofwings.” She whistled and a great white horse with shining wings appeared.

She leapt astride it and flew away while Aragorn and the Hobbits watched amazed.

“What a pretty lady!” said Pippin.

“You are too young to be thinking about lassies,” Merry admonished him.

“She’s even prettier than Rosie Cotton!” said Sam.

Before Frodo and Aragorn could say anything, there was another great rush of wings and the maiden returned smiling. “There, it’s all done!” she said. “The Quest is ended and the Ring is no more.”

“Thank you, my lady,” said Frodo fervently.

“Will you come to Rivendell with me, fair Lady Lucibella?” asked Aragorn. “I am certain Master Elrond would be delighted to meet you.

“I will,” said the maiden. “Fairy Hoofwings will bear us both there with all haste.”

Aragorn leapt astride the beautiful steed and held on to Lucibella as Fairy Hoofwings rose up into the air.

“Let’s go home now,” said Sam.

And so thanks to the fair Lucilbella the Ring was destroyed. The Hobbits went home to the Shire, Aragorn, being an honourable man kept his pledge and married Arwen. They were very happy, as he had concluded that being married to someone as perfect as Lucibella might be rather wearing at times. Lucibella met Legolas at Rivendell and  they fell madly in love . They flew away together on her winged steed to Valinor and were seen no more in Middle-earth. They all lived happily ever afterwards.
Tags: short stories

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