lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Updates delay

Raksha and I are both busy preparing our stories for MEFA, so there will be a delay before I post more of either "A Time to Reap" or "Comes the Moment to decide"

I also know that many of my readers are on holiday or otherwise busy as both my review and hit counts are currently down (At least I hope that is the reason and not that my stories have become too boring to read).

I do naturally intend to finish the stories,barring unforseen catastropes and most of them already exist in draft form, it will just be a week or two before further updates are likely.

I am continuing revising "Burden of Guilt" and might post the occasional drabble or ficlet in the meantime, Muses permitting.

I was amazed to find one of my previous stories (posted mainly during winter months) has had 103346 hits !

Anyone want to guess what my most popular story was? Those were the days !
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