lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The Miracle

Title: The Miracle
Author(s): Linda Hoyland
Rating: G
Fandom: LOTR
Character(s): Ioreth, OFC
Summary: Ioreth tells a fellow healer what she has witnessed
Warnings: none
Word Count: 300

Author's Notes: none

"It was magic, I tell you!" Ioreth said. She was enjoying a much- needed cup of tea together with Ivorwen, another of the women who served in the Houses of Healing, who had just arrived to carry out her duties.

"What was, Dame Ioreth?"

"The way the Lord Elfstone cured Lord Faramir of the Black Breath, it was a miracle! You know how we tried everything, but in vain. Well Lord Elfstone just crumbled some kingsfoil in a bowl of hot water and let Lord Faramir breathe it and he woke up he did, right as rain! I saw it with mine own eyes. The king has returned and has the hands of a healer, just as the old rhymes say!"

"You must have been dreaming. There has been no king in Gondor for well nigh a thousand years. The old rhymes are just fantasies to amuse children."

"But Lord Faramir is sitting up and eating and taking. So too are the Perian and that strange woman from the North who was dressed in men's garb. So are all the others suffering from the Black Breath. Go and see for yourself! If only you had been there!"

"I was enjoying a well- deserved rest," said Ivorwen. "I had been on my feet day and night tending the wounded. Maybe you should get some rest too?"

"I will when I've taken our Lord Faramir some more broth. How it gladdens my hard to see him mending! You should go and see him too. If anyone deserved a miracle, it is our Lord Faramir! Such a nice polite young man."

Ivorwen sighed resignedly. "I will and then I will speak to the Warden and ask what remedy he used against the Black Breath. There has to be a scientific explanation for this!"

A/N. Because of BTME and other pressures on my time, I fear I'm very behind with answering comments. I should like to thank you all and assure you that I do greatly appreciate them.

Written for a "Great Tales" challenge and posted in honour of Tolkien day.


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