lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Kindled Flame

Title: Kindled Flame

Author: lindahoyland

Recipient: rhapsody11

Rating: PG

Fandom: LOTR

Characters:  Arathorn,Gilraen

Summary: Arathorn falls in love

Warnings: none

Author's Notes: Written for Rhapsody the Bard for the "Great Tales" Drabble Exchange. With thanks to Raksha.

Word count: 200

It was the most exquisite fragrance that caught him utterly off guard: so fresh and sweet, unlike the cloying perfumes that the other maidens usually wore. His heart lurched when he looked into her clear grey eyes; and his stomach churned. Was this love, the feeling that had eluded him for so long?

When she agreed to dance with him, he felt as if the very stars had fallen from the heavens and were bathing him in their radiance. The feel of her delicate hand in his, her breath warm against his cheek intoxicated him more than the strongest wine.

Would that the dance would go on forever! When the music ended, he was loth to relinquish her hand. In the depths of winter, she shone like sunlight in spring.

Then he caught sight of her father glaring at him. Stars! She was so young. How could he ask her to wed him? He was as old as her sire! But how he wanted her. His body ached with longing.

He had never trembled before the fiercest foe, but now Arathorn felt terror. Would she reject him?

Gilraen met his gaze. Her smile kindled the light of hope within him.

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