lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

And This is my Beloved

Title:And this is my Beloved
Author(s):Linda Hoyland
Fandom:Lord of the Rings
Summary: Aragorn contemplates his great love.
Word Count:142
Author's Notes: Written for the "Great Tales" Valentine's Challenge.

Her scent never failed to intoxicate Aragorn. It was both sweet and refreshing, especially when borne on the wind from the mountain. She was always beautiful, but never more so than in the moonlight, when the soft glow illuminated her graceful curves.

Aragorn liked to caress her shapely form. How he loved her and how he hoped she would flourish now she was his to cherish! Surely, her presence here meant that his reign would be blessed, and that he could hope for children to continue his line.

Aragorn started as he became aware that another had joined him. He turned his head and saw that Faramir was beside him in the Court of the Fountain.

“The scion of Nimloth looks especially fair tonight, sire,” Faramir remarked.

“She does indeed.” Aragorn smiled at his Steward then returned to contemplating the White Tree.

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