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B2MeM Challenge: Courage
Format: double drabble

Genre: angst
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Characters: Aragorn
Pairings: none
Summary: Aragorn reaches a decision

B2MeM 2013 Day One--Courage

Aragorn’s heart was heavy as he considered the choices. He was so near to achieving his goals and yet so far. He had reached the White City and been hailed as King by the Steward, but between him and the crown stood the whole host of Mordor.

It would be easy to rest on his laurels and sit and wait to see if Frodo succeeded in his task, but what manner of a man would that make him?

He knew in his heart that Gandalf was right and that they should now draw Sauron out, distracting his eye from the Hobbits who were stealthily approaching Barad-dûr.

He had already shown himself to Sauron in the palantír. Now he must confront him in his stronghold.

Aragorn laughed bitterly. He had been hiding from the Dark Lord since infancy and now he was planning to turn up on his very doorstep with as much herald and fanfare as he could muster!

He was decided. If his death could grant Frodo his chance, he would give his life willingly. If Frodo failed, all was in vain. Resolved, Aragorn drew Andúril and swore not to sheath it again until the last battle was fought.
Tags: btme13, drabbles

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