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Happy Birthday Aragorn

Happy Birthday to our beloved Ranger King. Long may he reign in our hearts!

I think I first fell in love with Aragorn back in the early 80's when a BBC radio drama of LOTR was broadcast. I was drawn to the air of mystery about him and that he was a healer as well as a warrior.

I fear LOTR went to the back of my mind until the films came out and I fell in love with Aragorn all over again,

I love him for all he represents, his courage and loyalty and dignity. His is patient and a wonderful example in our age of instant gratification. He waits until he can marry his beloved Arwen. He is loyal, he puts helping others before his own needs, he is not afraid to show affection. He is utterly masculine yet can be extremely gentle and understanding.

He also has flaws and he can be crotchety and sometimes too sure of himself and he smokes, but he is immensely lovable. I adore his dry sense of humour.

I have written over 100 stories about this amazing hero and feel I have hardly scratched the surface yet!

He is the archetypal hero and more.
I have just revised and posted this story in honour of his birthday.
Lavender's Blue

Now I need to get the tune out of my head!

B2MeM 2013 Day One--Archetypes

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