lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Keeping LJ Alive

LJ Is Alive!
A Multifandom LiveJournal Friending Meme
Tumblr is great, but my fandom heart is in LJ.

  • Awards for Harry and Filipos Apollo

    Rottie Online Charity Show Xmas Sleep 🎅 1st Place goes to Harry 🎅 Congratulations 🧡 Pet Show in Aid of Yorkshire Cat rescue

  • More Awards for the boys

    Curleys Christmas Countdown Winner !!! Congratulations Filipos Apollo The judge loved seeing him getting into the Christmas spirit. You have…

  • A win for Thomas Leo

    In 6th place winning a glittery Shimmer and Shine rosette is this lovely festive and sparkly photo of Thomas Leo. Congratulations.

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