lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Tamer of man and beast

The charaters are the property of the Tolkien Estate

Written for Raksha's Faramir week. With thanks to her.

Tamer of Man and Beast

Éomer was leaving the stables as Aragorn and Faramir approached. The King of Rohan was ruefully rubbing his arm.
“What ails you, my friend?” Aragorn enquired.
“The new colt! Never did I think to encounter a horse I could not tame!”
Faramir approached the stall, whispering softly to the enraged animal. Aragorn and Éomer watched enthralled as the colt gradually calmed. When Faramir offered him an apple, he nuzzled the Steward affectionately.
“Whoever would have believed it?” exclaimed Éomer in astonishment.
Aragorn laughed. “There is more to our Faramir than meets the eye, he can tame both man and beast.”
Tags: drabbles

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