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Faramir Creation Day - The New Arrival

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.

Dedicated to Raksha

The New Arrival

Boromir cautiously approached the bed. His mother was sitting up, gazing adoringly at a shawl wrapped bundle.

“Come, meet your new brother,” said Finduilas. ”Is Faramir not fair?”

“He is very small,” Boromir replied, studying the red, wrinkled face without enthusiasm. “I thought you said I was to have a new playmate?”

“You will have to wait for him to grow,” Finduilas explained.

“I’d rather have a puppy. Puppies are more fun than babies!” Boromir scowled.

Faramir suddenly opened his eyes and looked at his brother, stretching out small chubby arms.

Boromir tentatively extended a finger, which the baby grasped.

“He is strong!” The older boy was impressed.

“He will grown into a big strapping boy, just like you,” said Finduilas smiling. I will need you to help me look after him until then.”

“Yes, mama,” Boromir replied obediently.

Finduilas' s heart swelled with pride at the sight of her sons together. Her two precious little jewels. How she loved them!

“Promise me you will protect your brother?” She tried to disguise the sudden shiver down her spine.

“I promise.”

“Good boy, now go and play while mama rests.”

“I think I like having a brother!” Boromir skipped away smiling. 

A/N The first mention of Faramir's existence as himself was May 6, 1944 in Tolkien's letter to his son Christopher.

This is a sequel to Flash of Foresight at
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