lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Another BTME Story posted

For anyone who missed them during the BTME madness (and to help me keep track). I'm slowly posting my BTME stories to the various archives.

So far, I've posted

August in Bree
Three Rangers spend a hot afternoon in Bree.

Posted in hasted to be topical! The first of the Gilavir stories I've reposted. I must try to keep them in order.

After talking to Gandalf, Aragorn makes a decision.

Strangely enough, despite Gandalf being popular, this story has proved the least popular so far.

"The Revenger's Tragedy"
A woman from Harad seeks revenge.
I reworked this one quite a bit

"Sailing Stormy Waters"
Faramir is adrift in a small boat, or is he?

"In need of a wife"
Aragorn is certain that a wife is the last thing he needs.

5 posted, 43 to go!

I shall keep updating this post to help me keep track! Still have some from 2011 to post too!
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