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September - Teitho Contest

Middle-earth is a place of many changes - different ages come and go; the Elves arrive and build cities, they live and love and fight, and then leave forever; great kings fall into darkness and new ones rise from the ashes; characters grow to become heroes. This month we will focus on the moments that mark an important change in a character's life. Our topic for September is Moments of Transition.

Many of Tolkien's characters have lives rich in transitions. The major changes in Aragorn's life are numerous - losing his father and moving to Rivendell, learning of his true identity, meeting Arwen, joining the rangers, serving in the west as Thorongil, becoming a King, fathering his first child. Each one of these events must have marked an end to an old life and the beginning of a new one. Same goes for Legolas - joining the Fellowship, befriending a dwarf, settling in Ithilien, sailing to Valinor have all been major turning points in his life. And surely you can think of many more! Perhaps the first time one of our heroes had to kill a man, or was injured, or lost someone he loved, or learned something new about himself, is a significant moment of transition as well.

As usual, Aragorn or Legolas have to be at least mentioned in your story, but you may choose to focus on any character you like. Certainly the Quest was a great moment of transition to all the members of the Fellowship. And what about Bilbo leaving the Shire for the first time? Or Gandalf's transition into a white wizard? You could also write about Faramir becoming a Steward to the new King, or about Eowyn's decision to put her days of shieldmaiden behind and to become a healer, or about Boromir's final moments when he regretted his weakness and accepted his king. Or you may explore the reasons behind a major decision that changed a character's future life and actions - what caused Saruman to forget old alliances and support the forces of darkness? What made Denethor lose his mind?

You do not need to focus on one single character. What about changes that affected all of Middle-earth? The Defeat of Sauron, the return of the King, the Elves leaving these shores behind are all major changes in the existing world. You are also welcome to write about the earlier ages as long as you manage to include Aragorn or Legolas in your story.

Same goes for artists - your artwork should depict a moment that marks a transition in a character's life or in the world as a whole. Unlike writers, you do not need to include Aragorn or Legolas in your picture.

The deadline for this challenge is September 25th.

For writers: send your stories to As usually, the contest is anonymous and the story can't be posted publicaly until the results of the challenge are announced.

For artists: Submit your picture into the Teitho gallery folder of Arda-Inspired at deviantArt. The picture should be new, drawn specifically for the challenge. State that you are submitting it to the contest in the artist's comments.

Happy writing and drawing!

Your Teitho-moderators,
nautika, StarLight, and Mirach


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