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Tree and Flower Awards

Don't forget there are only a few more days left to nominate stories for "The Tree and Flower Awards". They still need more nominations! The more stories taking part, the more fun the contest will be.

Here are the rules

1 The Tree and Flower Awards!
Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:23 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Barbara Rich" aelfwina2000 In celebration of our Third Anniversary, we are pleased to announce the
very first Many Paths to Tread *"Tree and
Flower" Awards*!

*Here are the rules:*

1. Only stories posted at the Many Paths to Tread
Archiveare eligible.
2. Stories must be posted at the MPTT Archive by August 3 of this year to
be eligible. All stories posted to the site prior to that date are eligible.
3. No self nominations.
4. Nominations will be made to screened posts at the LiveJournal Community.
(If you have trouble accessing LiveJournal, you may email the mods at:,, or to make nominations for you.)
5. Stories may run in only one category; if the story is nominated in two
or more categories the author may choose where to run it. Nominators may
nominate one story per category, but may make nominations in as many
categories as they wish.
6. Nominators are permitted to promote the stories they have nominated,
though they cannot ask people to vote for any particular one.
7. Nominations will open on August 10, and will run through August 24.
8. The first round of voting will begin on August 27, and will continue to
September 14. Votes may be cast in a poll at the LiveJournal Community or
in a poll at the
Voters are asked to vote at only
*ONE* of the polls.
9. The winners in each category will run in a second round of polls to
select the top four winners overall. Voting for that round will begin on
September 17, and run through September 20. Overall winners will be
announced on September 22.
10. Places will be first, second, third and Honorable Mention in each
category, and in the overall round.

This is a simple old-fashioned "ticky-box" awards, but we hope everyone
will enjoy participating in it! Come and help us celebrate our Third

Your mods,

Pearl Took
Dawn Felagund

You can nominate stories here

and see what has already been nominated here.

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