lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Cherry blossom

My cherry blossom is out,so I know spring is truly here !I have changed the look of my LJ to celebrate. I get a lovely view from my bedroom window of the trees.

   Cherry Blossom


Cherry blossom, cherry blossom, dancing on the trees,

Cherry blossom, cherry blossom fluttering in the breeze,

Cherry blossom floating, floating through the air:

Cherry blossom blooming, blooming everywhere.


Pink petals, white petals, floating to the ground,

Pink petals, white petals lying all around:

Pink petals lying, lying thick as snow:

White petals waiting, to gather up and throw.


Blossoms whirling, swirling; swirling through the air,

Blossoms swirling, blossoms whirling, whirling everywhere.

Whirling ,swirling calling, come on out and play.

Whirling, swirling telling, enjoy it while you may.


April breezes, blowing, blowing everywhere.

April breezes showing Spring is in the air.

April breezes blowing the blossoms all away.

April breezes, April blossoms, vanished all by May.


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